The History of St. Cuthbert's by Daniel

The History of St. Cuthbert's by Daniel

15 March 2018

St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School – Exciting, Humbling and Never Dull

St Cuthbert’s Secondary Modern School was opened September 29th 1957. It was the first Secondary Modern (a school where 75% of children went from 1944 – 1970s) to be built since the war. The school was funded by local parishes and helpers: St Vincent’s, St Joseph’s, St Anne’s and St Theresa’s. These four parishes all paid £40,000 (which would be about £675,000 today) to fund the school.

During the 1960s, St Cuthbert’s was famous for its rugby and football achievements. St Cuthbert’s only became a high school in the 1970s, when comprehensive schools were formed. When Mr J.F Grundy was head teacher, the school had a single pupil styled school captain. There was also house captains and prefects.

In 2004, St Cuthbert’s became a Business and Enterprise College. This was because specialist schools were vital to Secondary school development. The school also ran its own café and hotel. Lindisfarne Hotel was a place where exchange students were accommodated, when they came to St Cuthbert’s. The hotel was opened by the Earl and Countess of Wessex. The hotel was closed in 2014.

In 2015, the school changed its name to St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School. As well as this the Lindisfarne hotel is now occupied with seven state-of-the-art classrooms, where lots of learning now takes place.

I was lucky enough to have an interview with Mrs Twist (the current head teacher of St Cuthbert’s). I asked her some questions about what it is like being head teacher of St Cuthbert’s. Here is the interview…

Q1. When did you begin teaching?

A1. I started college in 1989. From there, I became a lab technician, in a school, where I also met my husband. Then, I began teaching in 1991.

Q2. Do you enjoy being a head teacher and why?

A2. Yes, I absolutely love it! I love it, because it is different every day. Also, I love it because there is surprises every day, such as good news.

Q3. What is your favourite part of doing your job?

A3. One of the favourite parts of my job is organising things, especially data. I also love working with children and parents and recently our new school app. My Ed has improved communication between home and school even more. I would encourage all parents to download the app.

Q4. Is there anything you don’t like about your job?

A4. It is really hard to find things, which I don’t like about my job. However, I dislike some of the external pressures, from the Government. As they just zoom in on one subject and it frustrates me.

Q5. Reading your staff profile, you talk about there being no typical day at work, can you explain why?

A5. I might have my day planned, however something may happen or change. Therefore, my whole plan for that day, might all change.

Q6. You have been head teacher now for over 2 years, what has been the most challenging part of your job?

A6. I found to get ‘GOOD’ from Ofsted was quite hard and also I have tried to change the public’s view on St Cuthbert’s. I have tried my hardest to change St Cuthbert’s name in a good way.

Q7. Finally, name 3 words to describe your job.

A7. Exciting, Humbling and Never Dull.

Overall, I love being a student at St Cuthbert’s. All the staff are lovely and encourage us to be the best that we can be. St Cuthbert’s is full of history and I really enjoyed finding out the history of my school.