Music by Aimee and Thomas

Music by Aimee and Thomas

15 March 2018

The effects of music

We all love music. Music is just one of them things that most people enjoy. We are here to tell you the effects of music.

Where did music come from?

Music, it is something really casual as it is a time traveller, what I mean is: it has been around for ages. Research may prove that music was created back 1,000,000 years ago. Also it could have been originated by animals, however not as music but more as mating calls or a call to the pack or family. We humans then expanded the idea of music and we appreciate music for music. Music, started off as acapella, singers including Thomas Tallis (1500’s) but then after that came the invention of musical instruments and now technology. To be fair, music is a lot easier to make these days as we have auto tune, however, I personally believe some auto tune makes music sound even worse -sometimes.

What positive things can music do?

Music, if you didn’t know, can improve your verbal and visual IQ. This was proved by a test that included 8-11 year olds that had taken extra curriculum music classes and the scores showed that they had a higher verbal and visible IQ compared to students who didn’t. This shows that music lessons don’t improve things that are only musical, but even reach into cognition and visible functions.

Listening to music can give you more control over your emotion. A study contradicts the old advice: ‘trying to feel happier is useless’.

The study says that participants, who listened to upbeat compositions while actively trying to be happier, saw their mood lift more than those who just listened to music passively.

What can music do to your social life?

Improve it! Singing together, brings us together. People find it satisfying to synchronize with one and another and can bring people together and make people like each other more than before. As this increases affiliation within people.

Music can help with heart disease?

Yes, listening to music can help deal with the stress and anxiety of coronary heart disease. 23 studies were taken on over 1,500 heart disease patients and they showed that music lowered their heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety.

Music is everywhere and the benefits are endless. So next time you think it’s just ‘noise,’ stop and actually listen. It could be doing you some good.