Lockdown: How has this affected your life? By Olivia

April 2021

As we all know, lockdown has made our life and these current circumstances very hard, but how has everyone coped and how have all our lives changed? Many people have found new hobbies, activities and ways to have fun: how has everyone at St Cuthbert’s found ways to enjoy themselves in these difficult times?

 Some students have said they found this all very difficult and have missed their families and friends so much, others have found stress-relieving activities and ways to have fun outdoors with pets and siblings. For example, Mrs Sharples has said that the way she has got through this was by spending time with her two dogs, they have helped her whilst she is working, and Elif has said that she has enjoyed finding new ways to bake and find lots of recipes.

 One way that can help with boredom is to set yourself some new challenges and goals that you want to achieve by a certain time: this could be to learn a new skill, take up a new hobby or simply try and expand your knowledge on a skill you are already familiar with- there are lots of new free online resources and opportunities that are much easier to attend since we are all staying in one place!

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