How to make a staple outfit By Elif

April 2021

Do you ever have on a really nice outfit maybe something that blends the night and day and would normally look amazing, but you still feel like it's missing some sparkle? Well look no further the answer to your problems are here! You need a staple for your outfit, maybe a belt or some sunglasses, a bag, sometimes even the perfect shoes, luckily it's quite simple if you know the dos and don’ts.

Here are my top dos and don'ts:

See the source image Coordinate colours, this is a perfect way to complete your look

See the source image Be creative with unusual accessories


See the source image Coordinated colours are always good but don't let it get too plain. A way to stop this is by adding something metallic or sparkly

See the source imageMix seasons, even if you’re desperate. You MUST resist the urge


- EO