Dance and Music festival by Megan, Ruby and Alice

Dance and Music festival by Megan, Ruby and Alice

15 March 2018

St Cuthbert’s Dance and music festival

This year, St Cuthbert’s are holding the biggest, greatest dance and music festival they have had yet. It includes many different talents from many different students, such as: dancing, singing, performing arts, our very own band and much more! It opens an opportunity for students to express their talents and personalities outside the classroom.

There are many different groups of children in schools that like different things, some of these include: sports, drama, computing, English, maths and other exciting activities and the dance and music festival gives all of these children, Year 7 all the way to Year 11, the chance to express themselves and do what they like! A Year 8 student Daniel gave us his opinion about the dance and music festival:

“I think that it showcases everyone’s talents. It has been an amazing opportunity for me and it’s allowed me to express myself. With my role as a reader/writer, I am able to gain confidence whilst reading to a large audience including: former students, teachers, family, and even our head teacher. All the teachers support me with what I do and I love the enthusiasm towards the festival.”

Lots of effort over the past few months has been put in by all the students and teachers, but is it all worth it in the end. We interviewed a member of the audience to ask them if all the shows were as brilliant as we may think. Karen a student’s relative told us what she thought:

“I was amazed by the effort put in by the teachers; it was definitely shown with the performances. Just watching in the audience made me tired myself! I am extremely proud of all the children with the confidence to perform in front of such a big audience and brilliant to see another amazing event by the school again.”

The dance and music festival has had another successful year. The school is truly amazing and we would love to see future year sevens joining in the festival in the years to come.

There will be another performance at 6:30 tonight, (15th March 2018,) for anyone not lucky enough to see it last night.