Cyber Bullying by Lola and Holly

Cyber Bullying by Lola and Holly

15 March 2018

CYBERBULLYING - what is it and what can we do?

Did you know that 56% of young people say they have been bullied online and 42% said they felt unsafe online?

If you don’t know what cyber bullying is, it is a form of bullying which takes place online. For example some of the social media platforms are: snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more. It could happen at any age. The bullies send mean and hurtful messages because they are jealous or are going through a hard time, or because they may have been bullied themselves.

There are different types of cyber bullying: denigration, harassment, impersonation, trickery, cyber stalking and exclusion.

Denigration involves unfairly criticizing people. Impersonation involves making fake profiles. Harassment involves threatening people. Trickery involves tricking somebody to share secrets. Cyber stalking involves stalking people online.


  • Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online with 1 in 4 having it happen more than once.

  • 70% of students report seeing frequent bullying online.

  • Bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.

  • About 75% of students admit they have visited a website bullying another student.

  • Almost 35% of teens have been threatened online.

  • 81% of teens believe bullying is easier to get away with online.

  • Girls are more likely to experience cyberbullying than boys.

  • Girls who are cyberbullied are most likely to post mean comments, about other people, on line.

In conclusion, people bully each other because the person bullying might be jealous of their victim. Also they have trouble at home and let it all out to try and make themselves feel better. People can cyber bully in different ways such as exclusion and cyber stalking. Unfortunately cyber bullying could happen to anyone at any time.

Next time you are online, make sure your account is private. That way only people you know and are friends with, can see your profile and contact you. Make sure you never accept requests from people you don’t know or a profile you suspect is fake. But most importantly, if you or a friend are being cyber bullied, make sure you tell someone. The only way we can overcome it, is by educating people but also by reporting it when it happens. You are never in it alone.

For more help, or to report something anonymously, you can use the following link: