Cyber Bullying by Chloe

Cyber Bullying by Chloe

15 March 2018

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is bullying but using a device such as a phone, laptop or tablet or just using social media, text or websites. Cyber bullying involves things such as: name calling, threats, harassment or making someone feel upset. The messages you send and everything you do, leaves a digital footprint and it can be found. For example if the messages on snapchat are not saved to your phone because you don’t save it, they can still be found by snapchat or the police, as snapchat have a massive data base which saves all the messages and everything you do on It.

If you are being cyber bullied you could do many things like: block them, report it, tell an adult. There are different types of cyber bullying like:harassment-sending messages nonstop and making the person feel unsafe; denigration- sending fake information; flaming- they do this to get a reaction of someone by causing an argument or fight; impersonation -hacking to gain or send offensive pictures; outing and trickery- when someone shares personal information or trick someone into revealing a secret; cyber Stalking- repeatedly sending messages that include threats of harm, harassment, intimidating messages, or engaging in other online activities that make a person afraid of their safety.

Cyber bullying can make people feel depressed depending on the person and what is said. It makes someone sad a lot and confused as to why it happened and what they had done wrong. This can also break friendships and family relationships, as the victims just don’t feel happy or up to doing anything. Children feel unable to confide in an adult because they feel ashamed and wonder whether they will be judged, told to ignore it or close their account which they might not want to do, as they may talk to friends over it who they may not see a lot .It has been well documented that cyber bullying has resulted in tragic events including suicide, and self-harm and more clearly needs to be done in order to protect and stop children and adults being vulnerable from cyber bullying.

Over the years it has become easier to become a target of cyber bullying as many people have got a devices that can access the internet or apps and phones have become cheaper. With a wider range of phones, so many people have some sort of device and social media is accessible at all times of the days so it may never end. Also many people don’t keep their account on private so they are letting people make fun of them and find out lots of information about them like where they live and where they are and when.

If you see it, report it.