Are robots taking over the world? By Katie

Are robots taking over the world? By Katie

15 March 2018

Are robots taking over the world?

Scientists have invented robots built for one purpose: playing football! While you may think that it sounds really cool, in the future are we looking at football players not being as popular. Given the choice, would you rather go and see robots play football, or go and watch what you see everyday, humans playing football?

These robots are not being controlled. They actually make decisions for them selves, as they have artificial intelligence. These robots learn from their mistakes and get better each time they play, there is even a robots’ world cup. One was held in Germany two years ago.

Another fascinating set of robots are robots that do physical training and Kung Fu! They light up whilst training and do Kung Fu to music. Whilst this is a fun imaginative robot, does it really have a purpose? Is it useful or useless?

As automatic cars that drive by themselves are slowly making their way in to our lives, in the future are we all going to have one? This can be a good thing because people who can’t drive themselves can still get to places. However, taxi drivers are going to lose their jobs because half of their clients are going to have an automatic car that they can use instead of getting a taxi.

A worrying thought for employed adults, is this: are robots going to replace them in the future? In San Francisco there is a café where robots serve the coffee instead of humans. This seems really exciting and it probably is, but imagine robots serving the coffee in every café. How many people would lose their job then?

But robots might not only take the jobs of people who work in cafés, but in other departments as well. Will there be any need for office assistance, plumbers, electricians and many more jobs could be taken off people?

Robots can help people with disabilities though and some people in the future will still have their job. For example we will still need doctors and nurses to look after people and possibly teachers.


And besides, I think most of us on a Monday morning are robots anyway?