Animal Laws by Recce

Animal Laws by Recce

15 March 2018

Do we need stricter animal safety laws?

Animals, we all love them. They can reduce stress and make us exercise, as they need continuous walks. But, sadly some animals get abused, as an animal lover this makes me feel terrible. This doesn’t just happen in the UK; it’s global. To prevent this, do we need stricter animal laws? Longer time served? Or keep it the same? I think that we need stricter animal laws as too many innocent, fragile and terrified animals are getting beaten behind closed doors.

The first country in the world to implement animal protection laws was the UK. Surprisingly 196 years ago in 1822 Parliament passed the Act to Prevent the Cruel and Improper Treatment of Cattle. But the first general animal protection law, called the Protection of Animals Act, was introduced in 1911 and has been updated many times to protect our animal friends. Only 11 years ago in 2007 the Animal Welfare Act, an overhaul of pet abuse laws replaced the protection of Animal Act, came into force in England and Wales.

However, animals don’t just get abused by punching, kicking or in rare cases getting stabbed but, they can get starved, not have enough water, being isolated and get thrown into the streets as they are not wanted.

On the other hand, many charities help animals that are being mistreated all over the world helping pets or even wild animals. As a charity called Pandas International help pandas from going instinct their motto is “Endangered means we still have time… extinction is forever”. They think that no animal should go extinct, so we have to try to help them.

Some kittens and puppies that are very young, (aged four week to six month,) are getting tested on and getting killed then cut up. The tests have bad effects such as high temperatures, weight loss and ulcers. Some companies bring in pregnant animals and separate the babies from the mother less than five week after birth, then they are killed. They didn’t bother to find a home for the mothers or the puppies or kittens. This is sick many young animals are getting killed just to be tested on for products for humans. I would strongly suggest to buy products that have not been tested on products.

For all animal lovers out there here are some things you can do to help animals:

  1. You could volunteer at your local animal charity to help the animals.

  2. Raise money for a charity.

  3. Be vegetarian or vegan.

  4. Teach young children how to look after animals properly.

  5. Donate animal food to animal shelters.

If we can help animals by the tips above, one way parliament can help is by having stricter laws for animals, as they also get tested on. There are hundreds of companies that test on animals they test makeup, skincare, hair products, soap and bath, fragrance, toothpaste and oral care, deodorant, feminine hygiene, razors and hair removals, other/personal/household, pet food, cleaning and laundry. They test all these type of products on animals. Parliament can help by stopping animal testing, as some stuff are not poisonous to animals but are to us humans.

Please don’t buy products that have been tested on animals as many animals have been abused. Also look after your pet because if you were a pet you would like to be treated nicely. What do you think we need to do to protect animals and what can you do to make a difference?