Aliens by Katie

Aliens by Katie

15 March 2018

Alien Theories

I interviewed several average people, who all have different alien theories. All of these theories a different and have realistic features.

Our first theory comes from Faye who told me that she is convinced that aliens exist. She explained to me how she believes that they live on Venus, which I found quite interesting because that is almost quite close to our planet. I was even more intrigued when Faye told me how she believes that aliens came to our planet in some time around BC. When asked, why you believe that aliens exist? She answered with a simple sentence, because to the aliens we are the aliens. Faye could not give evidence.

Another theory is suggested by Aimee. She isn’t sure whether aliens exist or not but, she explained to me how she would like to believe that they do, however it is just too far -fetched. Aimee and I believe that aliens came to this earth many years ago and then left, but the interesting thing is that we believe that they built the Egyptian pyramids. There are just too many unexplained things on this earth such as, how could they have built the Egyptian pyramids all those years ago, when we can’t build them today? And why are they basically replicas of the mountains on the moon when man had not seen the moon yet?

Next, I interviewed Thomas who claims to have seen a UFO himself! Before telling me this, he explained how he is certain that aliens exist because in all the billions of galaxies and planets there must be more life, other than us. Thomas says: “it’s highly unlikely that we are the only planet with life”. After all the questions were asked, we moved on to evidence, where he told me that he saw a UFO. He described it as a star-like shape with flashing lights and it looked as though it was teleporting! This theory leads us to think even further questions such as: is time travel possible in space? And are aliens going to come to our planet?


Until we see it for ourselves, no one will ever know.