Number Crunchers

Numeracy plays an integral part to our learning and understanding the world around us. It is important that we continue to explore and use our skills. Numeracy does not just mean ‘working with numbers’, Numeracy involves us using our thinking skills to solve problems, check answers and search logically for explanations. Within Numeracy we are also expected to be able to interpret the meaning behind data presented in tables, charts or graphs.

At St Cuthbert’s we use the National Numeracy website to inform our Numeracy work, and these resources have helped to map out the provision across the whole school.

Students are asked to sit a Numeracy Assessment at two points during the year, so that basic skills can be assessed and corrected is necessary. Each week, in form time, Students have the opportunity to practise their skills with the Number Cruncher PowerPoint displays, which addresses common misconceptions and gives students a straightforward method to use in their learning day to day.

The display boards around the school are continually up-dated showing methods and typical exam questions in which Numeracy skills are needed, and in every maths lesson, students will complete a numeracy based starter/settler activity, with the chance to build skills or correct themselves.

The Year 7 catch up intervention programme solidifies the Numeracy skills for identified students and provides the opportunity for them to progress from working with concrete examples to develop towards a more sustainable and repeatable method.

Staff are given the opportunity to develop their own Numeracy skills within INSET sessions, and can complete the online Numeracy Challenge for a Certificate.

Numeracy impacts on many different areas of the Curriculum and champions from each subject area have worked with a member of the Maths department in order to agree on preferred methods and how the transition between curriculum areas can be made more transparent for the students.

This week's Number Cruncher number 10

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