St Cuthbert’s award-winning ‘Legend’ returns from retirement to help the school community

St Cuthbert’s award-winning ‘Legend’ returns from retirement to help the school community

A St Cuthbert’s cleaning legend will return to the Berrys Lane site in helping to slow down the spread of the virus, in the school’s new testing centre.

Lil Mea, will return to her old stomping ground to help the testing team roll out testing to 900+ students and staff.

Something that started as a ‘favour for a friend’, saw Lil stay at the school for over forty years before retiring in the Summer of 2019.

The winner of the Friend of St Cuthbert’s Award said on her return: “It’s such a strange time but I am delighted to be back.

“Although things are very different, it’s still the same St Cuthbert’s, full of people looking out for one another and being a family.”

Headteacher, Catherine Twist said: “We are so appreciative of Lil, and others like her, who have come forward in helping our school community.

“We are at the heart of our community and our young people have always and continue to be at the heart of everything we do. The education and wellbeing of all our students remains our priority.

“Things may be different on the return to the school building but just as we’ve done over the last 12 months, we will adapt, work together and make it as safe as possible to continue to reassure everyone with the plans we have in place.”

The school have created a step-by-step video with one of their student ambassadors that has been sent out to all their parents. This will go some way to alleviating any concerns or anxiety that the students and parents may have.

As part of the school’s control measures, its Technology Department and Site Team have been busy creating their own bays for the mass testing which begins from 8th March.

Wayne Kevlin, Site Manager at St Cuthbert’s said: “I would personally, and also on behalf of the full site, like to thank our dedicated testing team for their huge role in keeping our community safe and controlling the virus.

“By their actions they’ve made our school site safe and no doubt protected many of us from this awful disease.”