'Happiness' Competition to Raise Funds For Council’s Crowd Fund Appeal

'Happiness' Competition to Raise Funds For Council’s Crowd Fund Appeal

Show us your ideas of 'happiness'

A Crowd Fund appeal has been set up by the council, Torus Foundation and other organisations. Its aim is to help raise funds for the most vulnerable and those in need due to COVID-19. The council and Torus have each donated £25,000 to the cause and are asking businesses and organisations to help raise an extra £30,000 to make the target of £80,000. As it stands at the moment, £67,000 has been raised and we would ask local schools to assist in raising some of the remaining funds before the closing date of the 8th May.

Councillor (Cllr) Murphy, portfolio holder for Developing Young People, has suggested we run a competition in conjunction with the Crowd Fund appeal and invite our young people to show off their creative talents by inviting them to create a piece of art or write a piece of poetry related to the theme of ‘happiness.’


(UPDATE: Here are some of our submissions already from some of our students)

Cllr Murphy will judge the entries and there will be a gift voucher for the winning piece from the primary school and secondary school entries. All that we ask is each school submitting entries on behalf of their young people contributes a one off donation of £50 irrespective of the number of entries submitted.

The closing date is Monday 4th May. All entries should be sent to hello@stcuthberts.com with the title ‘Happiness Competition’, for us to send all of the pieces together.

Good luck St Cuthbert’s, let’s show them what we’ve got!