VE Day 2020

VE Day 2020

This year it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. 

To commemorate the event, the early May bank holiday (usually a Monday) has been moved so that the bank holiday is the same day as VE Day – Friday, 8th May 2020.  There will be special events taking place on that day and across that weekend when everyone will give thanks to those who served in the war and to remember all those who lost their lives


What is VE Day?

On 7th May 1945 the formal act of military surrender was signed by Germany, ending the war in Europe. The next day celebrations broke out all over the world to mark Victory in Europe or VE Day. VE Day or Victory in Europe Day marked the end of fighting in Europe during the Second World War – which had lasted nearly 6 years. On 7th May 1945, Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio that Germany had officially surrendered.

This year is very different for us all. In school we always come together for special celebrations like these. Now as we spend our days away from school, and  from each other, we can still give thanks to those who served in the war and gave up so much for us.  Captain Tom has shown us the spirit of those who have survived wars. The spirit of 'getting on with it' and 'never giving in'. He has united the nation in spirit at a time when physically we are separated. 

How can you be a part of VE Day this year?

Are you interested in finding ojt more about your ancestors? Click here for a link to 'Ancestry UK' they are offering free access this weekend. 

Here is a link to the British Legion website for more information: Click here


Below are some activities for you to get involved in.

Dig For Victory!

If the people you live with are gardeners and it is possible, ask nicely for a pot, some compost and a few fruit or vegetable seeds such as radish, spring onions, tomatoes, strawberries or carrots (they aren’t too difficult to grow) and ‘Dig for Victory.’

No pot – use a yoghurt pot or fruit tray with drainage holes added at the bottom.

Make Bunting.

Make your own VE day bunting. It could be painted/ drawn on paper or card (e.g. from cereal boxes), or even made from fabric.

Add some detail about VE Day as well.

What is bunting? It is basically the British flag in triangles or squares fastened together with string or ribbon.

Hang it in your window or somewhere else.

Get Creative.

Be creative and make a piece of artwork, model or poster on VE Day

The only rule is that you must use materials from your house.

Make sure you are clear about:

  • What happened
  • Why did people celebrate
  • Why VE was so important and why we remember it today.

Get Baking!

Make something that you would be able to take to eat at a VE Day street party e.g. a cake, biscuits etc. or you could make something from a WW2 cookbook – rationing happened at the time. Chat to your parents first – you need to be able to use what you have in the house so you don’t need an extra shopping trip! Remember there is a shortage of flour! Ideas:

Tell a story about.

Create a piece of writing about VE Day: This could be a: Story e.g. written for a younger student Newspaper from the day after VE day.

You could include:

-What VE Day is

- What happened

- How did people celebrate?

- How did people feel?

- Response to Churchill’s speech