Careers Week 2020

Careers Week 2020

Careers Week 2020 - Medics of the Future and Work Experience at Merseyside Police

During Careers Week 2020, our Year 10 students had the opportunity of taking on lots of challenges such as work experience and taking a look into what their careers and futures may hold. 

Both Megan W and Ruby D successfully undertook a week's work experience with Merseyside Police.

They worked with the safer roads team, had a glimpse at what life is like in the dog training unit and learned what the forces Enquiry Officers deal with on a daily basis.

Megan said: "I had a great week and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

"It is an experience that will stay with me forever and has been a real eye opener."

Ruby said: "I feel like I have learnt so much in the last week and it has shown me what life can be really like. 

"We also would like to thank Mrs Twist and PC Pender for arranging such an amazing opportunity for us both."

PC Pender said: "Work experiences like these are fantastic oppportunities for our students and their efforts really show that excellence really does stretch far beyond the classroom.

"They should be incredibly proud of themselves, they were a credit to St Cuthbert's."



Keep an eye out on the Student Blog area of our website for an upcoming post from Megan and Ruby all about their week at Merseyside Police.

Another group of Year 10 students also attended a Merseyside Medical Day on Wednesday as part of a programme put forward by MCS Projects Ltd.

The programme is designed for year 10 and 11 students who are interested in careers in medicine. 

The days are designed to provide them with the information that they would need to apply to a medical school. 

Our young people participated in activities that were supervised by medical students and also heard from practising medics about what their careers are like.


The day started with a presentation that outlined the entry requirements of getting into Medical School; this included academic expectations, interview processes as well as admission tests.

Then the students took part in a range of practical, medical-related activities led by the medical students which included an Emergency Medical Assistance Activity, Medical Ethics, Diagnostic Activity and Anatomy.

Miss Ward, Personal Development and CEIAG Lead said: "As well as these programmes being fantastic for our students to know what they want our of life and see what their future may hold.

"They are also part of what make our students such well-round individuals who have the confidence to realise their unique potential."