Techognition Week 2020

Techognition Week 2020

#TECHOGNITION is a national celebration of technicians, recognising the importance of their essential roles in school and FE college education. The aim of #TECHOGNITION is to raise the profile of all technicians within education

Technicians are highly skilled, very experienced and essential members of school staff who often work in the background, ensuring that teachers can deliver lessons such as Science, Design Technology, Food, PE and Art, successfully. IT technicians work to keep school internet systems up and running.

During #TECHOGNITION week (2nd-6th March), schools and FE colleges celebrate the work that school science technicians do on a daily basis by uploading photos of their vast and varies roles to and social media.

At St Cuthbert’s we are taking part in #TECHOGNITION week and will be uploading photos to show you what we actually do in our jobs. The science technicians are also giving prep-room tours (Monday and Tuesday, in lesson time) for year 7 students.

Check out #TECHOGNITION on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out what we get up to.