Award Winners 2019

Award Winners 2019

A big thank you to everyone who attended this week's Awards Evening. As usual we had so much to applaud.

This evening celebrates the achievement, hard work and effort of our students. It also celebrates the individuals who contribute in their own special ways. If you weren't able to attend the event, here are this year's winners. 




Awards Evening 2019

Year 7 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Adem O

ML: Jamie E

Maths: Sophie W

Science: Phoebe H

RE: Calleigh L

History: Harrison R

Geography: Hughie B

CCT: George M, Nathan F and Caidence S

Art: Ella B

Drama: Autumn F

Music: Kasper U

PE:  Nathan B



Year 11 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Harriet A 

ML: Seth S

Maths: Jessicca F

Science: Stephen S

RE: Olivia M

History:  Mollie N

Geography: Jodie H

CCT: Jake W and Megan L

Art: Ellie M

Drama: Lydia S

Music: Jessica F

PE:  Olivia M

Year 8 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Ella T

ML: Wictoria P  

Maths: Lucy T

Science: Caitlin L

RE: Leon K

History:  Kian K

Geography: Callum K

CCT: Hannah C, Ty R and Isabella B

Art: Millie D

Drama: Isabelle B

Music: Thomas F 

PE:  Aimee G





Year 7 Student of the Year:

George M

Year 7  Ambassador of the Year:

Calleigh L


Year 8 Student of the Year:

Thomas F

Year 8 Ambassador of the Year: 

Ella Taylor

Year 9 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Jessica M

ML: Daniel M

Maths:  Emily-May H

Science: Letitia B

RE: Hughie O

History: Caitlin F

Geography: Beth M

CCT: Ron J,  Jacob B and Megan W

Art: Thea S

Drama: Phoebe B 

Music: Elisha S

PE:  Emma M-D

H&S care: Liberty S


Year 9 Student of the Year: 

Tansy U

Year 9 Ambassador of the Year: 

Emma D


Year 10 Student of the Year:

Ben B

Year 10 Ambassador of the Year: 

Jess S


Year 11 Student of the Year:

Harriet A

Year 11 Ambassador of the Year:

Jessica F


Year 10 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Ellie S

ML: Sam L

Maths: Harry C

Science:  Hannah L

RE: Connor S

History:  Tayla W

Geography:  Heather L

CCT: Jessica S, Ben B and Recce F

Art: Abbie D

Drama: Lauren H

PE:  Keane G

Attendance Awards: 

Ryan B

Chloe H

Daniel W


Head Teacher's Award:

Leon Kunze


Friend of St Cuthbert's Award:

Lil Mee


The Spirit of St Cuthbert's Award:

Mollie N


Community Award:

Charlie Weatherstone and Matthew Houghton