Multi-millionaire opens new Library

Multi-millionaire opens new Library

Adem O, last year's 5,000,000 word Accelerated Reader champion, recently opened the brand new library at St Cuthbert's.

Joined by the headteacher, Mrs Twist, Chair of Governors, Fr Swanson, the school librarian, Miss Magee and the head boy and girl, Ben and Lauren, Adam proudly cut the ribbon on this new learning  space which is housed on the first floor in the maths/science/English block.

The area has been developed to create an environment that will excite and inspire young people to be a place which our students will feel is theirs, designed with them in mind, so they are much more likely to want to spend time there.

Speaking at the opening Adem said: "I'm really pleased to have been asked to open our new library and yes, I'm going to make good use of it!"

Mrs Twist commented: "When I was at school, libraries weren't the most inspiring place around.  They were usually brown.  Brown shelves, brown furniture, brown curtains. We purposely set out to create an area that was welcoming, fresh and has a contemporary feel."

Miss Magee added: "The days of silence in the library are long gone. We want our library to be a place where students work collaboratively and discuss books together, using their laptops to access information to help them complete their homework. The layout of our library has been designed to address this social need as well as providing quieter, reflective areas."

To celebrate the launch every student in school has been issued with their own unique library card.  This investment by the school is backed up by research that states a good school library will enhance learning and nurture a love of reading, even in these fast-paced, technology-led times.

Opening times:

The library will be opening every break and lunchtime, every night after school for homework club and Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school.

Coming soon:

Book club

Scavenger hunts

Accelerated Reader intervention sessions