On Tuesday 23rd January 2018, the RE department lead a trip to Manchester Jewish Museum. Year 10 students were taken to the Museum for a two hour session all about the Synagogue and the Sabbath. However, whilst they were there they got involved in much more than that and definitely got more than they bargained for. Students had the chance to wear traditional Jewish dress, re-enact a Sabbath (Passover) Meal and reflect on the impact of the Holocaust on local Manchester Jewish people.

Manchester Jewish Museum is located in a former Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue on Cheetham Hill Road. It is the only Jewish Museum outside London and is housed in the oldest surviving synagogue building in Manchester, completed in 1874.

It is a beautiful example of Victorian architecture, executed in Moorish style. Particularly noteworthy are the splendid stained glass windows and the distinctive cast-iron fitments.'


Year 10 thoroughly enjoyed their experience and left the Jewish Museum with deeper knowledge and understanding of the Jewish religion, which will obviously be a great help to students when they sit their GCSE Exams in Summer 2019.

synagogue 1.jpg   synagogue 2.jpg