Life Saving Action from our Head Boy Rowan!

Life Saving Action from our Head Boy Rowan!

Rowan's quick thinking and effective use of first aid training saves a life.

On his way home from his first day of training for the St John Ambulance First Aid Certificate, Rowan became part of a real life emergency first aid scene, as he discovered an elderly male lying on the concrete steps outside Liverpool Lime Street Station. He approached a small group of witnesses, took a brief history of the accident, assessed the situation and sprang into action!

Rowan used gauze from his personal First Aid kit (which he carries on his person at all times), to apply pressure to the severe head wound the victim had suffered during the fall. When the gauze had ran out, he used anything he could find to try and stem the bleeding, all the while, talking to the victim, and reassuring him that everything would be ok.

After about 30 minutes, the ambulance arrived, and disclosed to Rowan, that actually, the victim had sustained a serious open skull fracture. It was Rowan's quick thinking and excellent use of first aid that had saved the man's life during those first critical minutes after injury.

Rowan was awarded the Consultant Paramedic Community Commendation by the North West Ambulance Service. As a school, we are very proud of his bravery and his calm and effective use of his training. Future aspirations for Rowan lie in the Merseyside Police, after undertaking a Uniformed Services Qualification at Cronton College. The force will be lucky to have him, just as we are!