Prayer, Cake and Chat in The Chapel!

Prayer, Cake and Chat in The Chapel!

Today saw the first 'Prayer, Cake and Chat' in the Chapel with our Leader of Catholic Life, Mrs McDonagh.

The new vision for Chaplaincy at St Cuthbert’s is to create a welcoming place that is open to all, staff and students, religious or not. The first steps for offering that was through one of our new groups called 'Prayer, Cake and Chat' group which will be hosted every Tuesday at breaktime.

We also have a Chaplaincy Leaders Group who will be planning and leading prayer, liturgy and chapel activities.

There is a Faith into Action Team who will be leading our mission to love one another through acts of charity and raising awareness of issues around poverty and justice.

The Equality and Diversity Group will be championing all forms of equality and assisting in taking a stand against all forms of prejudice and discrimination, because as a Catholic community, we believe that everyone has been created by God and therefore should be treated with dignity and respect.

The Leader of Catholic Life, Mrs McDonagh said: "Working with the whole school, I want everyone in our community to know Chaplaincy is a place for students to question, learn, explore, lead and be creative.

"I will provide lots of opportunities for this to happen so that students can thrive and ‘live life in all its fullness’. As well as developing the Catholic Life of school I am a listening ear and another level of support within school."


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