St Cuthbert's Give a Helping Hand

St Cuthbert's Give a Helping Hand

On the countdown to Christmas some of our students helped at their local Foodbank, the St Helens Christian Life Centre.

They helped to set up the whole floor, pack and weigh new items and organise sell by dates of the huge donations being brought in.

The students had a great time helping and even met Millie, the special Receptionist (dog).

Janis, who runs the Foodbank with a wealth of volunteers, spoke to the children about the number of people using the Foodbank's services increasing over the past 18 months, after its been running for 10 years.

Mrs Bayley, Teacher of PE at St Cuthbert’s and organiser of the schools own donations, said: “Supporting the community is something we’re incredibly passionate about at St Cuthbert’s, no matter how big or small.

“This was such a brilliant experience for our children and they all really enjoyed giving something back and helping in their own way.”