Glass Futures' VR Workshops with Year 9

It was a pleasure to welcome Glass Futures to work with our Year 9s in another engaging session today with Virtual Reality technology.

As part of an on-going project, working with high schools from across St Helens, Glass Futures also discussed a variety of topics with the group, including Engineering career pathways, skills that are needed and the wide-range of opportunities out there.

The latest session showed this through the use of fun VR headsets, showing the production processes that go into making glass bottles.

Glass Futures is a not-for-profit membership R&D and training organisation and their mission is to enable a collaborative approach to innovation in the global glass sector.


With its community, and the young people of St Helens, Glass Futures is also allowing our students to get involved with other hands on projects that look at the extended value chain and identify the best ways to benefit its members, the environment and wider community.

Mr Holland, Assistant Headteacher for Academic and Personal Development, said: "This is what it's all about - giving our young people and future generations the kind of opportunities we haven't had in our borough for far too long.

"Glass Futures and many more companies like them are really opening doors to new careers and ambitions and it is great to see!"

Grace Babalola, a Process Engineer for Glass Futures, said: "These projects are all about students learning new things and being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

“It’s shown as they are put into real-life scenarios, shown new areas of work they never knew existed, and meet new people.”

In their next session, students will attend The World of Glass to see how glass is made.