Children's Mental Health Week - St Cuthbert's Cares

Children's Mental Health Week - St Cuthbert's Cares

In the lead up to Children's Mental Health Week, next week, our KS3 students enjoyed a Mental Health and Wellbeing workshop, as part of their extra-curricular clubs with Rugby League Cares.

Students from the Year 7, 8 and 9 Football and Netball teams were invited to an evening with Damian Gibson, from Rugby League Cares to speak about all things wellbeing and mental health awareness whilst also combining Rugby League. 

As a school, we believe that using sport as a vehicle to care for others, in our community as well as looking after our own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is what helps everyone recognise how important it is to look after themselves.

Rugby League Cares is an independent charity that has always put mental health at the forefront of its vision, by not only supporting players at the end of their careers but providing education and training that equips young people with the skills and qualifications they need for the next stage of their lives.

Damian Gibson, Rugby League Cares Ambassador, said: "I am absolutely overwhelmed by the maturity, engagement and fantastic attitude that each of these young people showed during this vital session. 

"I have never worked with such a wonderful group."

Mrs Jackson, Curriculum Leader of Physical Education, said: "Having these sessions is so important and we are grateful to Rugby League Cares for their support and the work they do with our young people.

"The last two years has been so tough for everybody and it shows the important role sports can play and how we must look out for our own and each other's mental health."