Humanutopia's Life-changing Programme Success for Year 9 Students

Humanutopia's Life-changing Programme Success for Year 9 Students

We have noticed a 'real difference' in our students as a result of an education programme, that was a very powerful day and which we believe will live long in the minds of our young people. 

Our Year nine students took part in Humanutopia’s ‘Who am I?’ programme recently which aimed to provide an opportunity for them to reflect on their past and consider why and who they have become today. 

It also challenged them to ask if and how they can make positive changes to improve their life chances.

The day was broken up into three sessions, Session 1 was the ‘Comfort Zone’ in which the students reflected on the past helping them reflect on how they have become the person they are. This session was described as a rollercoaster as the students were roaring with laughter one minute and deep in reflection the next minute.

The second part of the day focused on the ‘Stretch Zone’ when the students considered how the present could be so different if each person behaved differently and the activities were highly engaging as they interacted with others outside their normal friendship group.

‘Panic Zone’ made up the final session of  the day during which the young people imagined who they could be in the future, discussing dreams, hopes, goals and ambitions.

The day concluded when every student identified and committed to making three positive changes to improve their future.

Stuart Holland, Assistant Headteacher for Academic and Personal Development at St Cuthbert’s, said: “The Humanutopia team were absolutely amazing and held Year 9 in the palm of their hands. Their enthusiasm, positivity and ability to develop such positive relationships with students is something to behold.

“Some of our teaching staff who were present during some of the sessions were ‘blown away’ by the transformation they saw in some students and this is testament to the skill of the Humanutopia team.”

Headteacher, Catherine Twist said she was pleased with the overall results but believed the more important impact was the difference in student’s self-confidence already, after a matter of weeks.

She said: “Teachers are seeing that confidence in our young people in simple things like being able to stand up in class and talk, particularly with quieter or more vulnerable students.”