Join our Student Council

Join our Student Council

Would you like to be part of our School Student Council?

We are passionate about involving our students to get involved and be a part of our school's "Student Voice".

The Core British Values include Democracy, Individual Liberty, Rule of Law and Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.  These are also our Christian values. We live these out every day in our St Cuthbert’s community. Joining our Student Council is one way you can ensure there is democracy in our community.

Democracy: one of the British Values

  • A culture built upon freedom and equality, where everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities.  

  • Leaders and governments are voted into power by citizens.

  • Everyone has a say

Play your part: join our Student Council

What we expect from you:

  • To be an excellent St Cuthbert’s student with a desire to want to make our community even better.
  • Commitment to attending one meeting every 3-4 weeks with the rest of your committee at lunchtime (chaired by two of our Senior Team).
  • Listen to other students’ concerns and ideas, and bring these to your committee meeting for sensible discussion and to create solutions.

The benefits of being part of the Student Council:

  • It helps develop your communication, organisational and leadership skills
  • We will offer training
  • Your voice will be listened to
  • Meet new people
  • Good experience for when applying to College/apprenticeships etc…

New Student Council structure:

Think about which committee you would like to apply for:

Student Council - Timeline:

1-5th November 2021: Advertise and applications open

12th November 2021: Applications close

15th November 2021:  Senior Team to meet with SHD to shortlist applications and invite to interview

16th-19th November 2021: Interviews this week

22nd November 2021: Committee meeting 1 this week

  • Meetings then to take place twice per half term – Mr Holland to meet with Senior Team to support setting agendas
  • One meeting per half term with SLT and two members of each committee with Senior Team representatives

Now Apply here: Student Council application form 2021

* Please note you will be prompted to enter your school email account log in details.