Kenzie Captures Saints Win in Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Kenzie Captures Saints Win in Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

One of our Year 11 students, Kenzie A took part in a once in a lifetime opportunity during the weekend of the Super League Grand Final between Catalan vs St Helens.

Kenzie was selected to be a volunteer with Community Integrated Care and was part of the media team for the day where he had a list of tasks which he needed to complete.

In the past year and during lockdowns Kenzie has been taking part in photography sessions after school with Community Integrated Care, to gain knowledge and tips of the best way to use a camera as well as how to get the best results from photographs.



Kenzie said: "I loved being a photographer/media representative for the day. I got to shoot the experience of the fans, and hopefully people think I got some good shots of the day capturing the atmosphere as well as some great action shots from the match itself.

"Taking part in weekly photography sessions and having opportunities like this is something I really enjoy and it allows me to grow in confidence and hopefully it will lead me into my dream job in the media."

All of Kenzie's photos will be featured across Community Integrated Care's Social Media and the week after the Super League Final, Kenzie was awarded #PhotoOfTheWeek with the photo above.