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The aim of the Religious Education (RE) department at St Cuthbert’s is to inspire and empower students to live out the Gospel values and become rounded individuals. Through an energising and innovative curriculum, passionate teaching and positive role models, students are motivated and nurtured to become the ‘Good Samaritan’.

RE is a creative subject bringing religion alive for students at St Cuthbert’s. Learning takes place through a variety of means including using Lego and plasticine, debate, use of QR codes and Twitter. It is also a subject where student’s can share opinions and beliefs in a safe environment, which allows them to become open minded and respectful to all.

The RE department has a retreat programme including residential retreats to the Lake District. The department takes part in various charity activities and trips linked to British Values and global issues.

Mrs N McDonagh
Curriculum Leader Religious Education and Leader of Catholic Life

Mrs P Weights
Second in charge of Religious Education

Mr S Holland
Deputy Headteacher and Teacher of RE

Miss C Hughes
Teacher of Religious Education

Miss M Irlam
Teacher of Religious Education

Mrs K Johnson
Teacher of Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum Overview

Students will be learning a basic understanding of 'The People of God' and 'Who are the People of God?', 'How do we live as people of God?', 'What inspires and challenges the People of God?' and World Religion - Hinduism.

Students will be enhancing their knowledge on 'The people God' and studying World Religion - Islam.

Students will be studying Beliefs and teaching, Practices, Sources of wisdom and authority, forms of expression and ways of life, moral issues of abortion and Euthanasia.

Students will be studying Arguments for the existence of God, Relationships and the family, Beliefs and Judaism and practices in Judaism.

Students will be covering the subjects and revising for their GCSE Exams.

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