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We’re all about rhythm

At St Cuthbert’s, the Music Department aims to provide curricular and extra-curricular activities of the highest standard that inspire creativity and develop excellent levels of performance. A team of peripatetic staff provide high quality instrumental tuition to enhance pupil learning.

In one year at St Cuthbert’s over 100 students will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument: guitar, drums, violin, viola, cornet, tenor horn, baritone horn, trombone, flute, saxophone or clarinet. Some students take music grade exams and many give performances throughout the year in concerts and assemblies.

In class everybody has the opportunity to learn to play the keyboard and sing, as well as creating music and listening.

Extra curricular music activities include our School Band, Singing Group, Samba Band, Rock Band night and Woodwind Group. Some of our Brass players are members of local Brass Bands including Valley Brass and Parr Band.

Mrs A Dixon
Curriculum Leader Expressive Arts

Music Curriculum Overview

Students will learn about brass instruments, keyboard and reading notations, learn to play the ukelele (and learn about its chords and structure).  Singing skills and a group performance will take place in the final term.

Students will learns about Blues Music performance and composition.  We will also explore Holst and "The Planets". The final term will be an introduction to music technology and working on a composition project.

Year 9 Curriculum under review.

At KS4 students in Y10 will look at instrument performance skills, the evolution of popular music, scoring and writing and composition techniques.  The final term will be focused on music technology and production and the BTEC Practise project.

Students will then look at genres and styles, focusing on stylistic features and characteristics of popular music as well as world music, traditional music and film music.  Students will then move on to the topic of Development of Music, The Music Industry, including film music and music for media before finally creating a music product.

In their final year students will create a music product to a brief and focus on advanced performance skills before completing their final BTEC External Assessments.

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