What's it all about?

We’re all about wellbeing 

At St Cuthbert’s we are committed to developing our students’ physical and emotional wellbeing. It’s important that they are equipped with the tools and strategies to support a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Events such as the Summer Health Festival encourage each student to make positive changes to their emotional, social and mental health. This includes taking part in activities on ways to manage stress and develop mindfulness, creating positive relationships within their friendships, and how to deal with the pressures that Social Media can have on mental wellbeing.

A focus on nutrition and physical activity for both physical and mental health ensures that students are able to make choices that will benefit them. There is also messages around developing confidence and self-belief, giving them the tools to take forward with them as they continue their educational journey.


Through Healthy Living St Cuthbert’s students are inspired to be the best that they can be.


Miss N Ward
Personal Development Leader and Teacher of PE and Health and Social Care

Healthy Living Curriculum Overview

The Year 8 curriculum includes:

  • Drugs and alcohol education
  • Outdoor play and character building
  • Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)
  • E-Safety

The Year 9 curriculum includes:

  • Nutrition and body image
  • Outdoor play and character building
  • Mental health awareness
  • Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

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