What's it all about?

We’re all about practical skills

Constructing the Built Environment is a vocationally focused course which will provide students with practical and academic skills. It provides a foundation of knowledge about the construction industry that will help learners progress through to their further study or their journey into entering the workplace.

The course is split into looking at the Designing the Built environment and the Construction of it.

Topics that are covered include planning potential of construction projects, drawing construction plans, building structures and materials, safety and security in construction.

Practical skills are also covered within the course, and Constructing the Built Environment is a Level 1 and 2 qualification which is equivalent to a GCSE, accepted and recognised by colleges and universities.

Constructing the Built Environment is a great introduction for those students looking to continue a vocational course into further studies. It’s a useful foundation for any student considering a career as a Surveyor or Architect, as well as more hands-on construction roles.

Students are given the option to take up Constructing the Built Environment as part of their KS4 Pathway options.

The Team

Mrs Clare Holden-Locke
Curriculum Leader Technology and Food

Mr Martin Atherton
Teacher of Constructing the Built Environment

Mrs Brigid Wood
Technology and Food Technician

Constructing the Built Environment Curriculum Overview

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY - Students will start with an introduction to health and safety in the workshop, learning about the use of simple hand tools.  Practical task will be to create 2d and 3d sketching and drawing techniques.  They will use CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design and make an object from plastic.  A range of tools will then be used to complete an extended project.

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY - Students will start an extended project involving the use of CAD software, production of design using a range of hand tools and laser cutter. Further items will be designed and created using a range of tools.

Year 9 Curriculum under review.

At KS4 students in Y10 will follow the Constructing the Built Environment course.  This will include health and safety, drawing practices in construction and the trades available in this industry.  Practical skills will include joinery, painting and decorating and also learning about bricklaying and plastering.  Students will then look at Plumbing before focusing on Unit 1 topics for the rest of the year.

Students will then focus on Unit 2, producing a garden planter from a diagram, listing the materials and equipment needed, then as part of the plumbing aspect they will look at the skills and techniques required to install a sink and pipe work. 

In their final year students will be researching, designing and modelling a project, refining their ideas and models producing diagrams and costings for a prototype. They will then revisit topics previously covered before final the examination.

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