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We’re all about technology

Students studying computing at St Cuthbert’s benefit from a high-tech curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities. Through the active, practical learning opportunities available, students apply computational thinking to the real world and real life situations. Components and hardware are used to model situations and solve problems, and lessons at St Cuthbert’s include the teaching of Python, and control using Arduino boards to model situations.

The department has had a brand new Raspberry Pi Lab installed. This is a dedicated room for computer programming and creating code. Students will embark on a journey of game creating through Minecraft, problem solving and debugging code through specially developed schemes of learning created to capture their imaginations as well as building their skills and knowledge in programming.

Creative Media Production helps develop skills required to work in today’s digital world and is aimed at those who may be interested in pursuing a career within the sector. The course focuses on media projects such as audio/moving image, publishing and interactive design. It is equivalent to a GCSE and is beneficial for students with an interest in becoming a Web Designer, Computer Games Developer or Graphic Designer, amongst other roles.


Mr S Lane
Curriculum Leader Computing (from January 2023)

Mr L Devine
Teacher of Computing (until December 2022)

Mrs Z Freeman
Teacher of Computing

Creative Computing and Technology Curriculum Overview

Students will be introduced to the importance of E-Safety followed by binary and denary.  They will create an interactive quiz, create a simple spreadsheet, use a database and finally planning and researching software in a summer project.

Students will look at health and safety and the effects of digital safety on our health.  Python programming will be used together with computer programming using block code.  They will be planning a website inserting text images and sound.  Photoshop will be used to create a magazine page and finally they will design a comic which will include some photography skills.

Year 9 Curriculum under review.

At KS4 students in Year 10 will carry out a skills audit in a range of software.  They will study medial consumption, identity and understand genres and sub-genres, narrative structures and photography; opinion pieces in publishing, audio and moving, interactive and gaming.  Finally they will analyse characterisation.

Students will study the production process, Media work, and the research of activities including review of comics, games, websites and moving image from the past and present.  They will undertake a response to a design brief generating ideas. 

In the final year students will focus on production skills and techniques, creating an initial ideas log before preparation for the final exams.

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