Year 7

Year 7

Miss Jenny Lomax
Head of Year 7 and Teacher of History and Geography

Mr David Heywood
Assistant Head of Year 7

In Year 7, students quickly adapt to life at St Cuthbert's following transition from primary to secondary school. 

Year 7 Motto: Don’t dream your future, create it

Please Click here for your Y7 Return to School interview after self-isolating.

Knowledge Organisers

All our Year 7 students will receive a Knowledge Organiser booklet on their first day at St Cuthbert's in September.  There will be a new Knowledge Organiser each half term.

Click the links below to download the pdf versions of the Knowledge Organisers


Click here to view the Transition Knowledge Organiser given to students prior to the summer holiday - use this over the summer holiday to prepare for your start at St Cuthbert's in September.