Student Council

Our Student Council consists of students from Years 7-10 who support the work of our Year 11 Senior Team. They meet on a monthly basis and this page will be updated with details of the activities discussed.

Some of the most recent agenda items for our Student Council have been to discuss the food options offered at lunchtime and how our updated system of ATLs is working. 

Over the next few weeks, the Student Council will become reconstructed into committees, each taking a lead of particular aspect of life at St Cuthbert's and a member of the Senior Team will chair these committees. Watch this space for further developments.


Upcoming meetings

  • FINAL MEETING OF 2022 - Wednesday 13th July 2022 (2:40-3:20pm): All Student Council members in Committee meetings


Agendas - Meeting Two of new Committees (24th February)

Agendas - Meeting One of new Committees (27th January)

Launch of the Student Council (November 2021)

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Student Council News