Year 8 Work Experience

Every year, throughout their year in Year 8, students take part in Work Experience around the school in one chosen area. This year was the first time that the Library has taken part in and we had some fantastic students to help us out, who worked very hard and really enjoyed their time.


Tylor said: "I had a great time in the library for the day and found out a lot of information about libraries that I never even knew they had to do. I wanted to spend more time in there that it has made me even start going to 'Book Club' sometimes."

Leland said: "I found working in the library interesting and enjoyed organising the books and writing book reviews for other students to enjoy. I'm feel proud when I see my review on display in there."

Ella said: "I really loved my day in the library; it was so much fun learning to use the different systems of logging the books in and out. I'd do my day all over again!"