As part of our weekly #FeelgoodFriday, we had a fantastic afternoon celebrating with some of our students, from Years 7-11, in our Literacy Celebrations.

The Afternoon Tea celebrations were led by Headteacher, Mrs Twist and Curriculum Leader for English, Mrs Carney and were a thank you to the students for continuous excelling in their Literacy skills as well as the hard-work and effort they always show in their lessons.
These students, over the last few weeks and months, have also achieved some of the highest reading ages in their year groups.
Mrs Carney said: "Having celebrations like these really is what it is all about as a teacher. 
"It's fantastic to see so many of our students engaged in their English classes and pushing themselves to gain skills, not only for the classroom but for life."
Mrs Twist said: "Over the last 18 months, we all know how hard it has been to not gather and celebrate achievements together but it felt brilliant to be together and celebrate something positive."
"As a school, this is something we want to celebrate each half-term so that everyone in our community has a chance to try their hardest and be rewarded."


Year 7
Elizabeth I, Leon B (not pictured) and Ciara H
Year 8
Ephraim N, Elif O and Isabella R
Year 9
Ross B, Zac B and Evangeline A
Year 10
Daisy G, Charlie P and Harrison R
Year 11
Ali O, Megan R, Joseph H and Julia S