Progress Assessment

"The school has well-planned systems to assess how well students are progressing. Parents receive regular and clear information about how their children are doing in school." Ofsted, September 2016

From September 2014, the Government changed the way that schools have to assess at Key Stage 3.  Schools are no longer expected to report student progress with regards to National Curriculum levels.  Instead, every year group has a set of objectives that they have to work towards. These objectives vary according to students' attainment at Key Stage 2.  

From this September, students at St Cuthbert's will be placed on a "Pathway" at the start of the academic year.   Each pathway will have a set of agreed criteria that students have to work towards to ensure they make the necessary progression.  

Students will be allocated a pathway (Pathway 1 to 3) according to their ability.  At regular intervals throughout the year, assessments will take place to measure student progress and at this point students may be allocated a more challenging pathway.

Further information regarding pathways in each subject area for year groups 7 and 8 is available below:

Year 7 Progress Grids

Year 8 Progress Grids

Year 8 Progress Grids by subject: