Students cannot be successful if they do not attend regularly, so every effort should be made to attend school whenever possible. The school stresses the importance of attendance and punctuality to all lessons, with a good record in this area rewarded through the Credit system of the school.

What can you as parents/carers do?

  • Please ensure that your child attends as much as possible.
  • Stress to your child the need for good punctuality.
  • Send them off to school in good time.
  • If possible try to take medical / dental appointments after school.
  • Do not book holidays during school time.
  • Check the dates of exams.
  • Check the information that the school sends to you on attendance records.
  • If you have any doubts please contact school


a. Authorised (approved reasons) absences from school are shown below:

  • Genuine illness.
  • Attending a funeral.
  • Unavoidable Hospital, Doctor, Dentist Appointments.
  • Religious observance.


b. The School, LEA and Government are concerned about unauthorised or unacceptable absences. These include:

  • Taking holidays during term time.
  • Truancy.
  • Feeling ill but could have attended school.
  • Staying home to look after a relative.
  • Going shopping.
  • Any other Absences deemed unnecessary by the School Attendance Officer.


Absence Hotline Number: 08442 393065

Absence Alert Number (SMS) 07624 806848

Good attendance at school is acknowledged as a major factor in students’ development. Poor attendance leads to disrupted learning and causes under-achievement. Therefore, we ask that parents make every effort to ensure their children’s attendance is as high as possible.

Levels of Attendance

90% Attendance = Persistent Absentee (PA) students are identified as persistent absentees if they miss 10% or more of their own possible sessions.

90% - 92% = At Risk of becoming a Persistent Absentee (PA) student. If your child’s attendance reaches this level you will have been made aware of this fact. You may have received home visits or letters from the school regarding this low level of attendance.

92% - 95% = Needs Improvement If your child’s attendance reaches this level you need to engage with the school to introduce strategies to improve your child’s attendance and to prevent further absences.

95% - 97% = Satisfactory

97% = Good Attendance. It is expected that most children should reach this level of attendance.


Check out the newly created "Back to School" website by St Helens CouncilThis is a new website for parents, carers and their children and is part of the ‘All in’ attendance strategy.  The site contains the latest government guidance for parents, some videos relating to top tips and will be added to as new documents are developed.