Click this link to see the latest guidance from the DfE in relation to the new GCSE Grading system.  You can also access the GCSE Factsheet for parents in the download section below.

Collection of Examination Certificates

Summer 2020 exam results slips were distributed on results day on Thursday 20th August 2020, and the official certificates will be available for collection from the school office during November 2020.  If students are unable to collect the certificates ‘in person’ they may send a nominated individual to collect them on their behalf, on condition they provide the individual with written, signed, permission to do so. 

Uncollected certificates will be stored for 1 year, after which they will be destroyed – please ensure collection to avoid being faced with the problem of proving qualifications at some point in the future.

PLEASE ENSURE ALL CERTIFICATES ARE STORED SAFELY; they are often required for applications to colleges/employment opportunities for many years in the future! 

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