Religious Education

Curriculum Intent

‘RE is like an iceberg. As you unpack ideas, you come to understand deeper meaning.’ Year 9 student

Mrs N McDonagh
Curriculum Leader Religious Education and Leader of Catholic Life

Mrs P Weights
Second in charge of Religious Education

Miss C Hughes
Teacher of Religious Education

Miss M Irlam
Teacher of Religious Education

Mrs K Johnson
Teacher of Religious Education

Mr S Holland
Deputy Headteacher and Teacher of RE



The RE department wants our students to become:

Well-rounded citizens of the world

Students to become open minded and rational. For students to be respectful of different cultures and religions, prepared for life in modern Britain as well as taking into account the improving local economy and labour market. We believe this is crucial in an ever-changing world with political uncertainty. We want students to be able to see the relevance of Religious Education in the modern world regardless of their own faith or lack of. Students also need to have an awareness and understanding of the main religions of the world to allow for barriers to be broken down.

Academically and religiously literate

Through an ambitious and knowledge rich curriculum, teaching is designed to build upon previous learning and experiences to develop our young people’s knowledge and understanding of religion and its place in the wider world. It ensures students learn about and from the faith of our Catholic school and other faiths.

Confident, independent and critical thinkers

Students who are prepared to take the lead in their own learning and to take risks. To evaluate statements and comments and not to take things at face value. Students to have the ability to be reflective and to make informed decisions. ‘Religious Education is concerned not only with intellectual knowledge but also includes emotional and affective learning.’ RECD

Have good outcomes

Students to be examination ready at GCSE level to secure the qualifications necessary to embrace the next stage in their lives and to ‘live life in all its fullness’.

The ‘Good Samaritan’

Students to become the ‘Good Samaritan’, to put what they learn in their RE lessons into practice, to help others as well as having a sense of justice and charity.

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