Curriculum Intent

‘Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.’ – Albert Einstein

It is the intention of the St Cuthbert’s Mathematics department to deliver a curriculum that is knowledge based and ambitious, designed to meet the needs of all our students. We aim to create an aspirational high-achieving culture while also considering our students individual needs and learning styles thus enabling all students to experience success.


We aim to develop the skills set out in the National Curriculum to promote an appreciation of Mathematics as a creative and highly transferable discipline. This will aid students in their further learning within mathematics as well as cross curricular subjects, apprenticeships and employment, taking into account the improving local economy and labour market. We do not limit the life chances of any student as we offer a linear scheme in KS3 with all students having the full National Curriculum delivered to them. 


We aim to provide students with a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject together with an appreciation of the beauty and power of Maths in different cultures. We endeavour to provide support across a range of topics with an emphasis on problem-solving and developing Mathematical fluency through a mastery approach, making sure that all learning is embedded in long-term memory.


Department Staff

Mr Will Neill
Curriculum Leader Mathematics

Ms Kirsty Moa
Second Curriculum Leader over KS3 Maths

Miss Rebecca Coyle
Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Anthony Daly
Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Catherine Gordon
Teacher of Mathematics

Miss Victoria Gwyther
Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Paul Roberts
Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Sarah Weir
Teacher of Mathematics

Welcome from Mr Neill


Curriculum Rationale - Maths

Curriculum Overview - Maths - HAs and VHAs

Curriculum Overview - Maths - MAs and LAs


Year 7 Maths Progress Grid

Year 8 Maths Progress Grid

Year 9 Maths Progress Grid