Curriculum Intent

“Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” - Sir Michael Palin

Miss M Langan
Curriculum Leader Geography

Miss J Lomax
Teacher of Geography

Mr L Thorpe
Teacher of Geography

We aim to develop our students’ understanding of various people and their culture around the world, developing our students into global citizens who respect their local and global environment. We instil ideals on sustainability and develop students’ moral responsibility to support those in the world less fortunate than ourselves; especially those suffering from natural disasters, poverty, famine, disease and war. 


As a department, our intent is to ensure that our curriculum provides students with the effective opportunities to:

  • Enjoy a knowledge-rich curriculum and explore the best that has been said and done in the field of geography.
  • Travel to remarkable and amazing locations which are relevant to our students both regionally, nationally and globally.
  • Allow our students to capture and experience a ‘sense of place’ through fieldwork.
  • Provide opportunities for students to gain an understanding of the many natural processes of the earth.
  • Provide our students with an array of transferable knowledge which will aid them in their further learning, employment or apprenticeships.


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