Curriculum Intent

“Computers are great because when you're working with them you get immediate results that let you know if your program works. It's feedback you don't get from many other things.” - Bill Gates

Mrs Z Freeman
Curriculum Leader Computing

The Computing Department intends to equip all students to use computational thinking and creativity when understanding the modern world.  Computing is a large part of society and we aim to teach our students to be responsible, knowledgeable innovators of digital systems and technology.


The digital sector is a dynamic, growing and rewarding sector to work in, with new opportunities arising continually. We focus on providing learners the opportunity to gain sector specific knowledge and skills in a practical environment. We aim to prepare our students to compete in a global economy, whilst taking into account the improving local economy and labour market. 


We enable students to understand concepts such as sequencing, selection and iteration. We provide students the opportunity to put theory into practice allowing them to grow as problem solvers.  Our students learn skills across the Computer Science, Information Technology and Creative Media sectors, while constantly improving their digital literacy skills to preparing them for the workplace.


Our Computing curriculum is challenging and aspirational. We also recognise the wide range of abilities and learning styles at St Cuthbert’s and endeavour to meet the needs of each child.



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