St Cuthbert’s is a family.  We are here for your child, and we want your child to be with us every single school day.

Good attendance and punctuality are absolutely vital for each and every one of our students, not only for their academic achievement, but for their wellbeing, development of social skills and for taking part in wider opportunities such as extra-curricular clubs and trips.

Please note that even if an absence is authorised, it still affects their overall attendance %, because they are not in school, learning.

Your child will know their attendance figure, it is shared with them weekly and they record it on their tracker.  Please have conversations with them about the importance of being in school, and congratulate them on positive and improving attendance and punctuality.



To report a student absent, parent(s)/carer(s) must notify school by calling

01744 678123 (option 2)

and either leaving a message, or speaking to one of the Attendance team. 

From January 2024, we no longer accept texts or emails to notify us of absences.

Calls should be made to notify school between 7.00-8.30am.

We will still text you if your child absent. 

You may receive a telephone call on the first day of absence from a member of the attendance/pastoral team. This is a courtesy call and is supportive. It is to discuss any issues and to offer any support. Please do not worry if you receive one of these calls, they are common practice.

Good attendance at school is acknowledged as a major factor in students’ development. Poor attendance leads to disrupted learning and causes under-achievement. Therefore, we ask that parents make every effort to ensure their children’s attendance is as high as possible.