Praise Wall

Praise Wall

cameron gaskell

would like to say a very big congratulations to Cameron Gaskell for getting an A in his English. ive never been prouder son xxx love you lots xxx

Ryan Larrigan

"For being a very good boy and working very very hard! Congratulations on the new HTC bro

Alex booth

For continuously pushing himself to achieve his best possible GCSE results at st cuthberts making us all extremely proud

Cody Bluck

For standing up against bullying and helping the young students around the school get to their lessons

All those who had special jobs at yesterday's Mass

Thanks to Miss Hughes

Everyone at today's Mass

A huge thank you to everyone for your contribution to today’s mass. It was a delightful experience for all of us at the end of a very busy term.

All the performers at the christmas music festival

We would like to thank all the people who performed at the Christmas music festival to raise money for Alder hay and Teenage cancer trust! In support of Matthew Lee.

Hollie Brown

I would like to say hollie the amount of arguments we have had but you are still always there for me and you are gonna be my BFF FOREVER thank you hollie

Jimmy Volmour

I would like to praise jimmy for being a good guy

Thomas Tatlock

I would like to thank Thomas Tatlock for always being there for me when im down. PS

"I would like to thank my bestfriend grace for being there for and with me all week as it has been hard

also all my friends love ya xx"

my good friend thomas tatlock

He feels a bit poorly and I want him to get better.

i love this school

it has helped me through so much

Spotlight Performers

Congratulations to all the students (past and present) who took part in the magnificent Christmas Spotlight Concert 2015. What a talented troupe of performers you all are.

Sam Biggs

Being a sensible individual and role model in and around the school.

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