Praise Wall

Praise Wall

Y11 Memorial

"I would like to say a massive thank you for everyone in Y11 for organising a event which reflected on Jessica who sadly passed away last Wednesday. She would be so proud of you all for what you did and appreciate every single one of you. May we keep her in our thought and family also

Phil Arkell

Great guy who helped me pass my GCSE PE examinations in practical and just an all around brilliant scouse teacher who is dedicated to his work in lessons.

jack maeshall

he helped me through a hard time so thank you

Yr 8 RE1

Some great songs and poems from my year 8 class today about respect. Well done to those of you who were brave enough to read them out in front of the class. Extra special thanks to Adam who shared a personal and moving piece!

miss heughs

she is a great teacher and has taught me well.

Sarah and Selina

A huge well done to Sarah and Selina for talking in assemblies this week about their new project of Peer Listeners. You did great!

courtney williamson

thank you for supporting me this week. you are a fantastic friend couldn't thank you enough. XX

Students and staff who helped with Faith House cake sale

Thanks to all the students and staff who helped with Faith House cake sale today

73 - RE

"Well done to my Year 7 RE class who presented

daniel lawrence-smith

For staying strong through his hard time and finally overcoming bullying and sticking up for himself I'm so proud of you

jake ward

well done

the Year 8 MAMs


Mrs Twist

For running our school and keeping her lovely smile throughout everyday.

Alex booth

for helping with science revision and making sure I'm achieving my potential

Year 11 RE

Amazing results in RE assessments. You know who you are!!! Keep up the good work

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