Praise Wall

Praise Wall

Lucy Rickards

Well done to Lucy for acting like the good Samaritan when she looked after a distressed lady as others passed by.

Lewis Martin

Congratulations Lewis on being named Man of the Match at last night's Year 11 Rugby Cup Final. Brilliant effort!

Year 11 Rugby Team

Congratulations boys on a exciting game

mrs twist

i love the new choices to the school


Well done to everyone being positive in school

Everyone in year 10

Well done to everyone working hard in year 10 and revising for their science I am so proud of everyone. I know we will all do well!:)

Miss gifford

You did a really good well conducting the choir.

miss gifford

thankyou to my favourite teacher for letting me in the band love u xxxxxxxxxx

"My friends sarah haycock

sophie jaykens and ben helsby"

The school band

youse were great the other night


i would like to thankyou for praying me for what I achieved

my family

I would like to thank my family for bringing me up and loving and caring for me... I am very lucky to have them

Jessica Davies

Rest in Paradise Angel.We love you and miss you so much. See you soon Beautiful!

Daniel Lawrence Smith

I know your going through a hard time

Y11 Memorial

I would like to say a massive thank you for everyone in Y11 for organising a event which reflected on Jessica who sadly passed away last Wednesday. She would be so proud of you all for what you did and appreciate every single one of you. May we keep her in our thought and family also

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