Letitia B.

What is your favourite subject and why?

Maths, because I enjoy working with numbers. I like to help other students if they don't get a concept too. Mr Daly is really helpful and encouraging.

What is the best thing about attending St Cuthbert's?

Coming here means that I'm getting a great education and can one day achieve my career goals.

What advice would you give Primary school student's considering coming to St Cuthbert's?

You may feel nervous at first but as you get to know people you will soon settle in, and feel like you have been here for years! It feels like a second home to me now.

How has your first year at St Cuthbert's gone?

My first year has been amazing. I have felt challenged academically and have made some great memories.

What are your career goals?

In the future I want to attend college and then university to become an accountant ( Monday to Friday ). I also want to develop as a gymnastics teacher as I love this too.