Miss Tufnail

How long have you worked at St Cuthbert's?

I have taught at St. Cuthbert’s for just short of two years now, but I also did a placement here as a trainee teacher for 6 months.

Can you share a favourite memory about St Cuthbert's?

My favourite memory about St. Cuthbert’s would have to be results day last year. It was my first time experiencing a results day as a teacher, and it was amazing to see the faces of the students opening up their envelopes and seeing that their hard work had paid off. The atmosphere was one of excitement and joy and it was such a nice feeling to be part of.

What made you go into teaching/working in a supporting role in school?

My passion and love for English is what made me become a teacher. I loved English when I was a student at school and knew it was something I wanted to continue with. I also knew how much impact a teacher could have on students and wanted to make the same difference to students of my own; I wanted to encourage the same enthusiasm for my subject.

What is the best bit of advice you can give to your students?

Take every opportunity that is given to you and make the most the most of everything.

What do you enjoy most about working at St Cuthbert's?

The thing I enjoy most about working at St. Cuthbert’s is the people. Since the very first time I stepped through the main reception doors, I have felt welcome by both staff and students and have felt part of a family.