We're all about nostalgia!

09 November 2017



Following our regular #TBT Facebook and Twitter posts when we look back and reflect on years gone by at St Cuthbert’s, we were contacted last week by Gail Arends who’s a current parent to one of our students. Gail and her sister Dawn were students at St Cuthbert’s from 1975-1986 (Gail and Dawn Wallace). Gail has kept the family’s school blazer as she couldn’t bear to part with it!  The blazer was a compulsory part of the school uniform for Dawn (from 1975-1981) and when Gail started school in 1981, the blazer was replaced by a maroon jumper, but Gail liked to wear the blazer as a fashion statement.

We were delighted to welcome them both to school this week and they have kindly donated the blazer to us. We plan to display in our school as an important piece of memorabilia and part of the school’s history.  This is of course important to us as this year we are celebrating our 60th Anniversary year.

If you have any old memories you’d like to share or if you have any items you’ve kept safe in your “keepsake box”, we’d love to hear your story. Why not get in touch by contacting us at school via email postbox@stcuthbert.com or via our Facebook or Twitter pages.  You can also complete our Alumni Q&A on our website.